Apr 17, 2012

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Your secrets, defining who you are … or not …

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I recently listened to Frank Warren’s TED Talk on Half a Million Secrets and was deeply moved. He invited people to post their “shocking, silly and soulful” secrets anonymously on one side of a homemade postcard. He is now the “owner” of half a million secrets and growing.

I wondered, what makes us want to protect our secrets and what also makes us want to share them, even with a stranger online. Go on … read my secret musings in my post on Elephant Journal.

Hoping your secrets are safe … and that if you want to share them, that you are safely held while you do.


image credits : http://carolpre.blogspot.com/2011/08/i-have-secret.html

  1. hi mihirininnwhat a thought provoking topic!nnfor me, secretes are like clothes to our thoughts, past, aspirations… without secrets we may expose ourselves unnecessarily or uninvited. when we find the right audience at the right time, that’s when we start stripping away. we wouldn’t skinny-dip with everyone, would we? nni sometimes have to tell someone of bizarre encounters in my life, usually kept to myself, just to remind myself that i have not been hallucinatingnnreading your post brought the following thoughts to my mind:nnnwhy we want to share our secrets with others? nnsometimes social validation (i’m not so different after all…).nsometimes we need to be pacified. (i’m so innocent, i probably wouldn’t go to hell after all…).nsometimes we are so bored with our lives that we want to complicate and make a mess of our lives so we get some excitement, agitation, and drama (i see it as an immature behaviour where the offender probably drag other unwitting people in to his/her mess).nsometimes the thrill factor, thinking that others will ‘look up’ to us (i’m so cool…).nsometimes we have a need to be included in inner-circles and that we use secrets as the bonding agent like superglue.nsometimes it is fun to play secrets with others, like a child.nnnwhy we want to share our secrets with strangers? nnblows my mind.nperhaps some secrets cannot be bottled up by some of us, so, maybe we just have to blurt it out of our thought loops.nperhaps it releases some kind of mind pressure, so we can get on with life.nperhaps its fun, knowing that someone knows your secrets.nnnthose were just my musings. i hope you’d post your answers when you make a conclusion of this topic.nnRGnnps: thanks for you, now i know why i like poetry. i gez i just like to dip into secrets.