About Corporate Druids

Corporate Druids was founded in June 2000.

While our initial offerings were in the lines of training & development, and in implementing HR systems, our offering portfolio has evolved to include a wider spectrum of organisation development and leadership-centric initiatives. Over a period of 10 years, we’re excited to have contributed not only to the transformation of our clients, but also significantly within our own organisation as well.

We are recognised for our exceptional leadership coaching programmes for Senior Managers of organisations, which help CEO and CxO-level business leaders to develop themselves to be visionary leaders and better human beings.

We facilitate conversations in organisations, help them build highly functional teams by enabling communication between cross functional teams and individuals. These initiatives help our clients develop actionable roadmaps towards their visions, by nurturing employee creativity, connecting diverse viewpoints and co-creating futures.

In our existence spanning a decade, our relationships with clients and collaborative partners have experienced continuous transformations. This has given us the opportunity to grow together while consistently aligning with emerging trends across the broader eco-system.

In recent years, our engagements have expanded beyond the corporate and development sectors to working with children- and youth-leadership initiatives.