About Mihirini

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Mihirini de Zoysa is the Lead consultant and founder of Corporate Druids (Pvt) Ltd., an organization specializing in Organizational Development (OD) and Human Resource Development (HRD).

Her formal education is in Economics (BSc), University of London and in 2009 obtained her MSc in Responsibility and Business Practices from University of Bath. She is currently reading for her doctorate (DProf) in Organizational Change at Ashridge School of Business UK.

Her professional background ranges from software programming to systems analysis to Business Process Reengineering to counselling to Organizational Development (OD) and Human Resource Development (HRD). This eclectic background has given her in-depth experience of over 14 years in organizational transformation, change management, OD and HR training and development in diverse industries such as Insurance, IT, Garments, Publishing, Printing, Telecommunications, Banking, Plantations etc.

Her work in organizational development focuses on leadership transformation, strategy development, team development and team building, developing and implementing HR systems and processes and enabling organizations and employees to align their visions and values with each other.

As a coach she focuses on Leadership and Executive coaching, Team coaching and Team development.

As a trainer, her main focus is in self development and leadership development, improving communication (inter-personal, cross-functional, horizontal and vertical) and in team building.

She is a well know facilitator, working with many business organizations and development organizations such as the UN, in facilitating these organization’s planning and review discussions, facilitating creative problem solving and visioning workshops.

Her work with her clients and client organizations is to work at the personal, team, organization and systems level to develop their capacities for self reflection and conscious action taking, to identify and develop values and ethics, and work together to develop each other and the system.

Her current work and passion is to help organizations/communities develop spaces for authentic dialogues/for conflict transformation, to harness the power of diversity (gender/cultural etc.) to find creative, peaceful, sustainable and productive ways to work and live together. She facilitates team strategic discussions and problem solving workshops.

She uses participative and cooperative actions research and action inquiry methodologies in her work. She is also widely experienced in facilitating large group interventions and in the use of tools such as world café, open space, future conferencing and visioning processes.

She is also particularly interested in working with children and with youth to create awareness and educate them to create leadership initiatives amongst them.

She has authored and published a book of poems ‘I Can Fly’.