Training & Development

Our primary focus in training is in skilling managers and executives to realise their inherent potential through the learning of new skills and competencies in leadership & management skills, team building, self development, communication and coaching skills.

Our approach to training is based on experiential learning and reflective practices. Therefore our training programs are not limited to one or two day sessions, but is carefully designed as long term sustainable processes from the needs identification to, class room training, to real world application to follow-up on learning experiences.

Some of our popular training and development programmes and interventions

Executive and Leadership Coaching – one-on-one for CEOs and Senior managers

Team development and coaching – a combination of team building, interpersonal and team relationship building, skills development and one-on-one coaching for cross functional and departmental teams

Leadership skills development – ethical leadership, New leaders taking over teams etc.

Communication skills – from listening skills to good business writing skills

Crucial Conversations and Dialoguing – a very popular and powerful program that helps people improve their skills in communication especially in difficult and conflict conversations.

Coaching skills development – equipping leaders and managers to become coaches and mentors to their team members, helping them inspire and manage performance and give constructive feedback.

Presentation skills – also combined with using performance arts as a creative way of engaging participants to develop their presentation skills

Empowering women managers – Enabling women in the workforce to find an effective balance between home and work, and find their authentic voice and take empowered action in the work place.

Gender at work – Helping women and men learn to understand each others strengths and gifts and learn to work as equal partners with respect towards each others

Learning Balance – Stress management, energy management and finding work and home balance

Emotional Intelligence at work – Helping leaders become holistic and emotionally intelligent

Self and personal development – helping participant find their own inner motivation, personal life vision and action plans for development