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We coach and guide leaders and organisations to be the best version of themselves.

We are never fixed, we are always a work in progress.
We are a million possibilities, waiting to happen.
Our choices and actions enable the versions we want to be.
Come join us. Let's share and learn together. Let's create the world we want to live in.


Trusted relationships, safe spaces, and imaginative landscapes enable our clients to explore who they are, who they want to become and what they want to achieve.

Organisation Development

We partner with our client organizations and their teams, in their transformation journey to achieving their strategic and operational goals and vision and mission.


We create spaces that enable people, ideas and creativity to come together, to connect, communicate, solve problems and co-create shared futures.


Our participants realise their inherent potential through experiential learning, reflective practices, creative play and well-researched insights.


Read the latest news of what we have been up to, what we have been reading and thinking, and what inspires us.

In Action

Visual example of Mihirini de Zoysa and Corporate Druids in action from past workshops of facilitation and training or moderation

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Our Message

You are—and you are not—your stories.

Human beings are storytellers and meaning-makers. We tell stories to ourselves, and to others, about the events in our lives, and how it has enabled or disabled us from living the life we want or dream of.

We are not always in control of the events in our lives. But we can change, choose and own the stories we tell about them. Our stories can liberate us or keep us stuck. We can choose stories that give us courage, love, and hope. New stories give us options and choices in how we take empowered actions in the world.

As relational creatures we connect to each other through our shared stories. We story our world in to being, as much as the world stories us. Our personal and collective stories and actions create the world we live in.

Be courage. Be love. Be hope. Be your own story. The world we want is ours to create.


Mihirini de Zoysa

Principal Consultant & Managing Director, Corporate Druids
Leadership and Life Coach, Facilitator, OD Consultant
Writer, Narrative Inquirer


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