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Corporate Druids

Corporate Druids was founded in June 2000, initially focusing on training and development in leadership in business organizations. Since then our work has grown and deepened. Today, Corporate Druids are sought out as leadership coaches by individuals, CEO and CxO level leaders wanting to invest in their learning and growth. Business organizations value our learning philosophy and entrust their teams for training in leadership, communication and coaching and development. Organizations, in public, private and non-profit alike partner with us in their organization development initiatives and when engaging large and small groups in problem solving, strategizing, change initiatives, we are on top of mind as workshop, meeting and conversation facilitators.


Over work experience of coaching, training, team development, organisation development and facilitation spans 18 years in diverse industries such as Insurance, IT, Garments, Publishing, Printing, Telecommunications, Banking, Plantations, Education etc. and in the Non Governmental Organizations and in International Development organizations such as the UN and World Bank.

Philosophy and Approach

We invest in our relationships with our clients. Trusted and mutually respectful relationships are the cornerstone of effective change partnerships. Our clients become our friends.

Change does not happen overnight and neither is learning a one time event. Change and learning is a process. Therefore all change and learning initiatives have a longterm view and are designed in phases, allowing both client and us to develop each stage based on the learning and data we gather along the way.

Consultative with the client system (engaging with different stakeholders at different levels) so that all parties have ownership, share and learn together.

Initiative are designed to institutionalise learning and knowledge so that the client system can evolve and take ownership.

Treats leadership and followership with equal respect

We learn from our clients as much as we hope they learn from us.

About Corporate Druids