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Major Raajiv Wanigasekera

  /  Major Raajiv Wanigasekera

Major Raajiv Wanigasekera

Founder / Director Training & Operations, Chief Facilitator Outdoor Training

Raajiv met Mihirini when he participated in a training program conducted by Corporate Druids way back in 2013. When he began conducting his own adventure based education it was a no-brainer to collaborate with him. His creativity in designing team based, fun and educative activities is truly inspiring and effective. We often collaborate on team building workshops, where Corporate Druids works with the team on the softer skills of team dynamics/development/building and communication skills and Raajiv brings his magic to the learning process in outdoor adventure based learning. Its a great partnership.


Major Raajiv Wanigasekera – rtd RWP RSP BA(DEF) PAK CBDRM DHRM(UK) SWR3(USA)




A proud product of S. Thomas’ College Mount Lavinia and a Graduate from Pakistan Military Academy.

Served with the elite 4 Armoured Regiment – Sri Lanka Armoured Corps and the Special Forces. He was actively involved in conducting Military training at all levels including mission oriented special operations. Has held office in various Command and Staff positions.

A paratrooper and a combat diver who has seen combat in many fronts, he is highly decorated for bravery in combat and has been injured in the line of duty. Raajiv retired as a Major with 15 years of distinguished service.

He is a disaster Management specialist who was instrumental in setting up the Disaster Management Centre post 2004 Tsunami as a Presidential appointee and was responsible for incorporating disaster management to the school teacher curriculum. He is the Co-Founder of Sri Lanka’s first Volunteer Disaster Response Team; I-CERT

Raajiv has worked at Brandix as Head of Group communication and as AGM HR & Administration at United Motors PLC / TVS Lanka

Imagination, creativity and planning runs in his veins and specializes in customizing programs to suit the clients need. He has over 450 training programs locally and internationally to his credit. Currently he is full time involved with Outdoor Training and also consults on Human Resource Development / Training and Security.

He holds a degree / diploma in – military science, disaster management & human resources and currently reading for his MBA

Major Wanigasekera is one of the Sri Lankans who is qualified as a Swift Water Rescue Technician from SWR3 – USA and is trained and certified in Disaster Search & Rescue, First-Aid and CPR / AED including Psychological First Aid (PFA)

He currently holds office as the Hony. Secretary of the S. Thomas’ College – Mt. Lavinia Old Boys’ Association


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