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Mihirini de Zoysa

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Mihirini de Zoysa

Principal Consultant and Founder, Corporate Druids (Pvt) Ltd.

Mihirini de Zoysa has over 20 years experience as a leadership and life coach, trainer, organisation development consultant and workshop facilitator, in governmental, private sector and not for profit organisations. She is also a writer and a narrative inquirer. She has a BSc in Economics (Uni. of London, UK), MSc in Responsibility and Business Practices (Uni. of Bath, UK) and recommended for the doctorate (DProf) in Organizational Change at Ashridge School of Business UK, and is awaiting formal confirmation.

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As a coach and organisation development consultant, my work primarily focuses on supporting and holding space for people and organisations to become the best versions of themselves. Inherent in this belief is that we never stop learning and growing.  Who we are and who we can be is not fixed. We can continue to learn, evolve and transform.

My passion is to enable individuals and organisations to become creators and authors of their stories and lives. I apply my own experiential, professional and academic learning to deepen and broaden the skills of my clients, in how they communicate with clarity, honesty and ‘conscious vulnerability’ in order to build stronger connections and relationships. My work focuses on enabling organisational systems to transform, to develop spaces for authentic dialogues, for conflict transformation, to harness the power of diversity, to be productive and efficient together, to find creative, peaceful, sustainable and productive ways to create shared futures, and work and live together.

Professional Experience

I have an eclectic background in my training, skills, and experience. My professional career began in software programming and systems analysis before moving on to Business Process Re-engineering. When I founded Corporate Druids in 2000, I applied my organisational learning to specialise in human resource and organisation development and leadership training. In this process I have gained an in-depth experience of over 20 years in organisational transformation, change management, leadership development and training in diverse industries such as Insurance, IT, Garments, Publishing, Printing, Telecommunications, Banking, Plantations and in the Non-Governmental institutions and in International Development organisations such as the UN and World Bank. In the last 12 years, my portfolio of work has grown to include facilitating workshops, moderating conversations, leadership coaching and team coaching.

Education and Learning Focus

Continuing to learn, to expand my skills is a core part of who I am. In my early career, I obtained a  BSc in Economics from the University of London. Receiving the MSc in Responsibility and Business Practices from the University of Bath changed my outlook on my life and shaped my work. I began to understand the intricate, delicate, complex and systemic ways in which economics, technology, people and the planet connect. The responsibility we have in protecting our own home, the Earth, and in managing the influence and impact of humans and businesses underlies my work and living practices.

Healing the fractures and wounds in relationships, in our lives, in the way we love and relate, in the way we work, has become central to my work. I identify myself as a wounded healer. Wounded-healers are those who are in helping professions. They have their own wounds. And in learning to attend to themselves they can be of service to others. This has become a life and research inquiry for me. As such the Doctorate (DProf) in Organisational Change at Ashridge School of Business and Middlesex University, UK, is a research into ‘Wounded Healer Healing – a first-person narrative inquiry into wounds as places of learning‘ and explores this from a gendered and feminist perspective.

My learning and inquiry continues, and so do the spaces and ways in which I share it with you and the world.


Coaching (with a focus on narrative and relational coaching)

Leadership Development

Team Building and Team Coaching

Organisation Development

Training (special focus on leadership, coaching skills, communication skills, self development)

Large group workshop facilitation (with in-depth experience in using tools and approaches such as world cafe, appreciative inquiry, visioning, open space, dialoguing and creative use of drama, performance, art and writing etc.)

Communication skills (special focus on inter-personal relationship building, presentation skills, conflict resolution, dialoguing, circle talking)

Conflict resolution

Culture change

Change Management

Organisation transformation

Strategic Planning

Business Process Improvement/Re-engineering

Action Research

Participative Action Research

Narrative Inquiry

Narrative therapy