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Robert Vander Wall

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Robert Vander Wall

Development Facilitator - Principal Sage8 (Sydney, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City)

Robert and Corporate Druids have been working together since 2007, and it's been a relationship that has grown from strength to strength. Robert comes across as a highly driven individual, and he is very competitive - with himself. With his friends, business partners and clients, he is all about building each other up. We love working with Robert for this reason, and truly appreciate the unique passion and drive he brings to our collaboration.


Robert has been successfully consulting to Australian and overseas organisations since 1989. He has been a trainer for more than twenty years; during this time he also managed a large corporate training function for three years. He set up Sage Training in Australia in 1997, and then established it in Sri Lanka in 2001; where he worked for four years from May 2003. He launched Sage in Thailand in 2010.

Robert is a powerful communicator whose engaging and motivational style can reach even the most difficult audience and secure commitment to required outcomes. Effective program design is one of the keys to successful training. Robert’s skills in this discipline are used by some of Australia & Sri Lanka’s leading organisations.

Robert is very successful at achieving sustainable results in management, supervision, and leadership skills development. He does so through formal training programs and/or one-on-one coaching. Robert works with teams to help them produce consistently high quality outputs. Quality customer service is another ethic he has helped to establish in many Australian and multi-national organisations.

He believes that personal development is a significant contributor to individual productivity and success, and has achieved excellent results in the field. He has a strong sports coaching and fitness background, and uses the experience to help people realise their potential, whether it is on the sporting field or off it; in corporate and social environments.

Robert has worked with many global organisations including; Sony, Coca Cola, Hewlett Packard, Victoria’s Secret, TNT, Woolworths, and Fujitsu General to name a few. He was the only non-academic invited to present a paper he wrote at the Global Conference on Leadership Ethics at Ashridge Business School, UK. He is currently based in Sydney.


Leadership Development.

Management Consulting.

Strategy Development

Team Building.

Change Management.

Business Improvement