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Goals worth pursuing cannot be defined too rigidly, for example like happiness or peace or intimate relationships. It is the journey itself that lets us discover the nature and form of the goal, as each step brings us closer to it, it also changes and evolves. The moment you frame it too rigidly and give it an end point its not worth pursuing. It limits the creativity, the possibilities, the opportunities and the wonder of the journey in discovering. Even company goals are like this. Profit goals are stagnant and limiting.

This is our first communiqué to you this year. It also sets a very significant milestone in our business. This is also the first ‘post’ to the brand new Corporate Druids website. For us, 2010 sees the dawn of a new era, where we see greater engagement with you. This is so important to us, especially when we as development centric organizations adopt cutting edge communication technologies to learn and to share our experiences and inspirations.  You will see this when you arrive at You will see a frequently updated

We are one, even as we are two We are two, even as we are one In our unity we are a combination of each other and not a mere reflection of each other Apart, we are whole Together, we are divine